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The 4s Custom crew has over 30 years combined experience in the after-market automotove customization industry. They have each worked at prolific and prestigeous 3rd party companies, and have now decided to bring their trademark quality workmanship and passion to their own business. And so, 4s Custom was born.

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Contrary to popular belief, not all tint is created equal. Same goes for the tinters themselves. Leo, the oldest of the 3 brothers, is a top-of-the-line installer with over 15 years of experience! Leo started tinting well before he graduated high school and has stuck with it ever since. He understands the importance of quality film, but also understands that quality film is nothing without quality work. Whether it's Galaxie film or ceramic tint, Leo takes his time and treats your vehicle as if it was his, making sure there’s no dirt or debris, perfecting the cuts, and leaving the cleanest looking job possible when all said and done! So if you're looking for the highest quality tint job that wont bubble or turn purple, and that will truly protect not just your vehicle’s interior but also your privacy - we doubt you’ll find a better option than him!


With over 12 years of experience, Oscar is a well seasoned sunroof technician. Not only is he able to repair your vehicle’s sunroof, Oscar can install an aftermarket sunroof in your vehicle from start to finish. Driven by his attention to detail, he takes pride in providing some of the best looking aftermarket sunroof installs out there! He has experience working on aftermarket sunroof brands such as Webasto, Signature and ASC among others, as well as many factory installed sunroofs. Whether you’re looking to have your sunroof repaired or looking to get a sunroof professionally installed, Oscar is the one to see!


Before starting 4s Custom with his two older brothers, Ramon worked as an automotive upholstery installer until an opportunity to work for Tesla presented itself. At Tesla, Ramon found his love for paint correction and protection. After a successful career helping keep Teslas looking brand new, Ramon went back to his old job hoping to have a shot at installing paint protection film (PPF) on all types of vehicles. Unfortunately the opportunity never presented itself and Ramon, knowing what he wanted to do, decided to install PPF as a side job out of his garage, where he also installed vinyl wraps. Thanks to his persistence and hard work, Ramon is now an experienced installer, ready to show the world what he’s about!

Our Services

Below you'll find a quick summary of our most popular services. If you would like to get a quote, or if you have any other questons, please contact us!

Window Tint

Automotive, residential and commercial. Although window tint is a stylish, there are other practical reasons to invest in this add-on.

Remote Start

Whether you're in the middle of summer or the dead of winter, a remote start is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. This add-on hits the perfect balance between comfort and security.


Premium leather seats and trim. Heated seats. Rugged and durable for the outdoors. These are just a few of the types of upholstery upgrades we can recommend for you.

Sunroof Install & Repair

Sunroofs, moonroofs, panorama roofs... All the latest in options to keep you connected to the fresh outdoor air, while keeping the noise levels and wind gusts to a minimum.

Paint Protection Film

Whether it's your brand new car you've been saving up for or your faithful daily driver. Paint Protection Film is perfect for protecting your car's paint from harmful UV rays, the ultimate wax job or those painful rock chips that come with enjoying your car on the freeway.

Headliner Repairs

Perhaps it's smelly, stained, saggy, or you just feel like a different color. Our techs carefully remove your old headliner, strip it from its old unwanted fabric, replace it with the color of your choice and carefully reinstall it to have you feeling like you've got a whole new car.

Vinyl Wraps

If you're just looking to add a clean sporty feel to your car, we always recommend a wrapped roof or hood. But if you're looking to completely transform it, a complete vinyl wrap by our professionals can give your car the look of a premium paint job for a fraction of the price.

Heated Seats

When you think seat heaters you think high-end luxury vehicle accessory. We offer high-end and after-market seat heaters to make any of your vehicles feel warm and presidential without the high price tag. We can also customize the install to have your switches placed almost anywhere in your vehicle for a more personalized feel.

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